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  • Generate Traffic & Make Money With Podcasting?!

    Podcasting is an online audio substance that is sent via RSS feeds. Many people equate pod casting to radio on demand. However, in reality, it gives more than what a radio is programmed to give. It is a type of online audio delivery.  It is now used for online traffic generation for your website.

    Podcasting is now reaching new heights.  Everyone is using podcasts for mass communication today.  This new wave of broadcasting is for iPods, any transportable audio device and even your personal computer.

    Podcasts need an initial subscription.  After that content will be delivered routinely without human intervention.  There are many free podcasts available, which are as good as paid content.  Today there are more than 10,000 podcasts in the market.

    You can listen to podcasts at your own convenience.  You can even listen to previous podcasts through archives.  Podcasts get delivered to you via RSS feed which is Really Simple Syndication.  The RSS feeds use XML format to deliver content or a short version of the content with links onto your audio device.

    The number of people who have used and listened to podcasts is increasing year by year with the evolution of technology.  It is a real time saver and the ease with which it can be used is making it very popular.  By 2010, there will be almost 15% of people listening to podcasts as researched by a recent study in the US.

    Organizations’ use podcasts to deliver important messages to their members, educational institutes use it to keep in touch with their students and companies use it to update their staff.

    Imagine the potential when business owners send you podcasts for their products.  Another venue for a powerful marketing strategy!  Podcasting come into being because of blogging.  Podcasts can even be known as audio blogs.  After being used to reading ads from emails, e-newsletters, e-magazines and websites, the public find it a refreshing change to listen to information.

    You can get into podcasting by recording audio files and saving it in mp3 format.  Then upload it into your website and submit the relevant links to blogs and directories like iTunes.   It you do not own a website, look around for one that allows you to upload podcasts.  Next create RSS feed using (automatic but you have to pay for it) or manually at   Last step will be to pay for podcasting.  It you have a big file and lots of members then the cost will be equally high.

    But do not mind the cost as podcasting can make money for you.  You can generate traffic for your site or even ask your members to donate money to you for your audio you distribute.  You can get advertisers to advertise on your podcast.  If your content is really good you can even get payment for every time it is aired.

    Now for some mind blowing news.  Look out for video podcasts or vidcasts.  The video you create has to be in a M4V format. So the horizon is expanding with podcasting.  Make sure you get into the act.

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    • 22-Aug-09 | 6:01:pm

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    • 24-Aug-09 | 6:01:pm

      :O So mush Info :O

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